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NLRB Rules in Favor of Teamsters in 'Joint Employer' Case
Union Corruption Update analyzed this case at length in July 2014 in the context of the changing U.S. labor market. Increasingly, the article noted, employers consist of third-party contractors, franchisees and self-employed individuals. In certain …
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Marina Police Log: Stolen vehicle just repossessed
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Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain's free companion app is available, in
Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain has a free companion app, and it is now available. Consider this a friendly reminder in case you forgot all about it. Like Ground Zeroes before it, The Phantom Pain app can be used a second screen while playing …
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Zotac ZBOX CI321 mini PC review
All told, the ZBOX CI321 may not be quite as small as some other mini PCs, but it has a nice looking case, a fanless, silent design, and support for as much memory as it makes sense to throw at a PC with a Celeron chip and support for just about any …
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How to Install and Setup WhatsApp Web for PC Using an iPhone
There is more reason to smile as WhatsApp has finally added the iPhone to the list of devices or platforms that WhatsApp Web supports. This follows an absence of about seven months since this application was launched on Android and Windows Phone …
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Intel May Have Just Killed NVIDIA's G-SYNC
The wildcard in all of this is Intel (NASDAQ:INTC). While NVIDIA dominates the discrete graphics-card market, if processors with integrated graphics are included, Intel accounts for 75% of all graphics-chip shipments. Earlier this month, Intel …
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Intel Corp. (INTC) invests more than m in Chinese drone startup Yuneec
Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) has announced that its venture capital firm has decided to invest more than $ 60 million in Hing Kong-based drone maker Yuneec. The chip maker and Yuneec Holding Ltd. would partner on product development, and Intel …
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How Intel's Future Goes Way Beyond the PC
I spent most of last week alongside thousands of engineers at Intel's annual Developer Forum, also known as IDF. The company used the San Francisco event to teach techies about its next-generation processors and other new technologies as it strives to …
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Stocks to Keep Your Eyes on – Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) Weatherford
Intel Corporation and BlueData declared a broad planned technology and business collaboration, as well as an additional equity investment in BlueData from Intel Capital. This relationship will bring together BlueData's infrastructure software for big …
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Intel Exec on Big Data: “No One Actually Knows What to Do With It”
For example, two venerable companies, Intel (INTC) and IBM, are positioned near the top of those vendors banking on big data and analytics. Earlier this year, IBM chief executive Ginni Rometty set $ 40 billion, or 44 percent of the vendor's 2018 …
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GIGABYTE Returns As Official Motherboard of Intel Extreme Masters
As the official motherboard and graphics card sponsor of IEM, GIGABYTE has "equipped IEM Contestants with hardware that many gamers have dreamed to use." In addition to providing the hardware used in the tournament PCs, GIGABYTE is showing off its …
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The Biggest Dark Web Markets Rake in Up to 0000 a Day, Study Says
In February 2014 it was clearing around $ 400,000 [a day],” Christin told Motherboard in a phone interview. But the vast majority of dealers on the dark web markets don't really make decent money. “About 70 percent of all sellers never managed to sell …
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Steam Machines revealed: Full details and pictures for every model
After a long delay, Valve's bid to replace your living room console with a true-blue gaming PC is finally taking shape. Valve and its partners revealed a whopping 15 new Steam Machines during GDC 2015, covering virtually every price point and internal …
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Watch Out For Phishing Scams Like These
Motherboard reporter Lorenzo Franceschi-Bicchierai recently reported on an Iranian hacking campaign, which attempted to break into Iranian activist and journalist email accounts using fake Google Drive links. It's possible that the campaign is linked …
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The Intel Skylake i7-6700K Overclocking Performance Mini-Test to 4.8 GHz
With a new motherboard and the same liquid cooler, the same processor that performed 4.6 GHz gave 4.8 GHz with relative ease. In this mini-test, we tested our short-form CPU workload as well as integrated and discrete graphics at several frequencies to …
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Note to Feds: Don't Let Family Members Store Porn on Your Work Computer
“The evidence revealed that Senior Official misused government computer equipment, including permitting members of her household to access and use such equipment, which resulted in inappropriate use of such equipment to view and/or store …

Mass. police get K grant for new suicide-prevention computer system
PEPPERDELL, Mass. — The Pepperell Police Department received a $ 5,000 grant from the Massachusetts Interlocal Insurance Association for a new computer-based suicide-prevention and cell-monitoring system. The funding has been used to install a …
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Computer Model Track of Erika Shifts East
Right now, computer models are in agreement that the storm will pass over the Leeward Islands over the next day, Puerto Rico by Thursday, and the Dominican Republican on Friday. It's expected to begin moving to the west-northwest. Where it goes next is …

Physicists get answers from computer that didn't run
For all that computers can do, they're useless when they're not running. That's not the case for quantum computers. Using a rudimentary quantum computer, a team of physicists consistently determined which of two operations the computer would have …
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Kentucky gay marriage: Defiant clerk closes office for 'computer upgrades'
MOREHEAD, Ky. (AP) — A familiar scene repeated itself at a rural Kentucky courthouse Thursday morning: an engaged gay couple walked into the clerk's office, asked for a marriage license and insisted that the latest in a string of court orders proves …
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10 Highest Paying Computer Science Programs
Our list, based on the Payscale data, ranks the top 10 schools whose computer science alumni have the highest median mid-career salaries. While our list also shows the early-career salaries for each school, we opted not to use that information as our …
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Economic Club speakers: cloud computer guru, climate change expert
A pioneer in cloud computing, a New York Time columnist and the founding president of the WNBA are among speakers at the Economic Club of Indiana's new luncheon series. The list of speakers for the 2015-16 series, held at the Indiana Convention Center …
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Video Shows Computer Store Employees Attempting to Stop Alleged Thieves
KINGSTON — Police are looking for two men they say stole items from a computer store. Employees tried to stop the alleged thieves, and it was all caught on surveillance cameras. Kingston police said two men went into Custom Computers on Wyoming …

This new app lets you control your Android phone from your computer
If you've ever gotten tired of picking up your Android phone while you're sitting in front of your computer, well, you're not the only one. A new Chrome app allows you to use your Android phone right from any computer that can run Chrome. It works on …
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ASUS announces world's first USB 3.1 Gen 2 certified motherboard
ASUS has announced that its TUF Sabertooth Z97 Mark 2/USB 3.1 is the first SuperSpeed USB 10Gbps certified motherboard in the world. The motherboard had to pass a rigorous series of tests set by the USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) that concerned …
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HitchBOT 2016: The Hitchhiking Robot's Creators Want to Do America Again
HitchBOT, the beloved and fashionably-booted hitchhiking Canadian robot, met its untimely end in Philadelphia this past Saturday. But the team behind it is thinking of bringing the robot back for next year. “Among the options being explored are …
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Essential Tech for Rally Car Racing 10000 Miles Across Eurasia
This is the third in a series of dispatches. Read more about why we're sponsoring a jalopy in this year's Mongol Rally. KOSOVO — The Nikola Tesla Memorial Center is nestled in the small Croatian town of Smiljan. I discovered the place while …
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Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 beta adds Spectre Specialist and Safeguard mode
"Next to nothing is known about the presumed wet-works Specialist, Spectre. The designation itself is a codename agreed upon by the various agencies that have pooled their intelligence on unsolved assassinations, inferring his or her existence based on …
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Dead Realm YouTubers' lack of disclosure may violate FTC regulations
"Consumers should be able to notice the disclosure easily. They should not have to look for it." For video ads in particular, that means "on the screen long enough to be noticed, read, and understood." But that's clearly not the case in the Dead Realms …
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'97 pc firms not aware of sexual harassment at workplace law'
"There are several myths related to the law like one need not comply in case there are no women employees or if you are a small or medium enterprise. Further, companies also feel that the law is for the protection of women employees only and not all …
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Gas-Masked Metal Gear Solid 5 Character Identity Outed
That still could be the case. Theorists holding out hope that the character is simply a younger version of Psycho Mantis need not worry, as there is nothing out there to disprove that possibility. Given the similarities between the two characters and …
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Top 5 Tech Stories from Today

MSI Z170A XPOWER Gaming Titanium Edition Motherboard
On the web there's a photo swinging around of a MSI Z170A XPOWER Gaming Titanium Edition Motherboard. The new motherboard will support the upcoming Skylake series desktop processors. MSI is stepping away from the traditional design and will offer …
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MSI announces its Z170 Gaming motherboard lineup
With a total of twelve different motherboards, it is obvious that MSI will cover most, if not all market segments. With the Z170A XPower Gaming Titanium which will be a favorite for the enthusiast crowd and a part of MSI Enthusiast Gaming series …
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ECS Z170-CLAYMORE LEET Gaming Motherboard Announced
Aug 5th 2015, Taipei Taiwan – Leading motherboard manufacturer Elitegroup Computer System (ECS) proudly introduces its latest LEET gaming motherboard – Z170-CLAYMORE, which adopts Intel latest 14nm Z170 chipset, supporting Intel 6th Core i …
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MSI teases its Z170A XPOWER Gaming Titanium Edition motherboard
You can also do a complete discharge of the motherboard, which is a different touch than we're used to. On the board itself, we have two M.2 slots, 8 x SATA 6Gbps ports, two SATA Express ports, two USB 2.0 connectors, a right-angled USB 3.0 connector, …
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Planning to build your own PC can be a challenge, and even though it’s remarkably satisfying and worth the journey, it’s easy to stumble upon some new potholes and detours along the way. 

Here are some tips to improve your next PC building experience.

Tip 1: Watch out for metal shavings and jagged metal corners. Anything sharp and pointy can spell chaos for your motherboard. Always use a metal nibbling tool, or bend with needle-nose pliers.

Tip 2: Use an anti static wrist strap if you are working in a carpeted area, or live in an arid climate zone. Static electricity can build up on your body and can destroy the fragile electronics.

Tip 3: Your tool kit socket set will vastly improve mounting your motherboard onto your standoffs. A 5mm metric socket usually fits most standoffs. You can also use pliers.

Tip 4: Sort your screws into a multi-compartment tray making it simpler to keep track of all your screws, washers, jumpers and standoffs. You can use a pill sorter, a muffin tin, or an egg carton.

Tip 5: Keep all your tools close by. A Phillips screw driver and a small LED flashlight are obvious must haves, but keep some needle-nose pliers, paper, pencil and a pair of clippers and a parts picker readily available.

Tip 6: Over-tightening PC screws can cause damage. Apply the “finger-tight” method when fixing in screws.

Tip 7: Different screws come for different purposes. Hex-head screws for optical drives; dome headed screws for hard drives, flat and dome headed may be used for mounting the motherboard and self tapping screws are for fastening fans to the chassis.

Tip 8: If you don’t have adequate standoffs, choose to omit some with careful thought or use old standoffs you might have lying around. Just make sure they are the same height.

Tip 9: Trace your motherboard onto a paper and trace in the holes or punch them in using a pencil. This paper template will make installing standoffs a piece of cake.

Tip 10: Handle your motherboard very gently and only lift using its edges. 

Tip 11: Cardboard washers are supposed to be used in motherboard mounting holes that are sans a metal rim.

Tip 12: Pop out the PC’s I/O plate carefully before placing the new one that comes with the motherboard.

Tip 13: The tabs on your I/O plate should keep your PC’s ports and plates in alignment with the openings.

Tip 14: Keep your power cables out of the way before you begin installing the motherboard. Restrain those using rubber bands or Velcro straps.

Tip 15: An internal speaker is extremely useful in cases of troubleshooting, so if your motherboard does not have one already built in, use one from an old PC.

Tip 16: Use your flashlight to identify the right header to plug in your tiny wire leads for the front-panel connectors once you’ve placed your motherboard in

Tip 17: What’s that beep bloop? Visit BIOS Central to figure out the meaning of different sounds from your PC speaker. A successful boot up will create a single beep at POST.

Tip 18: Which way does it go? Leads for switches can be installed in any direction, regardless the polarity. Direction only matters for the LED leads.

Tip 19: Keep the cables away from the fans, the heat sinks and high traffic areas inside the PC. Run them along the perimeter or use cable ties to neatly tuck away.

Tip 20: Looking to upgrade? Get thumbscrews for an easier, cheaper and screwdriver free hardware changing in your future endeavors.

Tip 21: Processor orientation is key to a successful PC buildup. Align the arrow on the CPU socket with the one on the processor and slowly lower it in parallel to the board.

Tip 22: Install the cooler with the motherboard outside first, if you anticipate trouble reaching in once the motherboard is inside.

Tip 23: Remove and get rid of the protective cover of the socket before installing the CPU/

Tip 24: First things first, check your CPU cooler’s manual before installing the motherboard. Sometimes the motherboard needs to be attached to the retaining plate beforehand.

Tip 25: Check for clearance to place your cooler before trying to jam it in a tiny space. If you still can’t fit in the cooler after making as much space as you possibly can, get a smaller one instead.

Tip 26: Check to see if the bottom of your cooler is perfectly smooth. If not, return to the seller immediately and get a new one.

Tip 27: If you bent one of your pins despite all precaution, use an emptied mechanical pencil’s tip to straighten out the bent pin with care.

Tip 28: Remove old thermal paste by using rubbing alcohol and clean the fans of the old cooler before placing it

Tip 29: Use only minimal amounts of thermal paste on your CPU before connecting it to the cooler, if it doesn’t already come with the paste pre applied.

Tip 30: Buying alternative premium thermal paste won’t help cut out more than a few degrees, so in general, the paste that comes with the cooler should more than suffice.

Tip 31: If your cooler locks down using four screws, screw the first post in, then the one diagonally opposite. This will help spread out the thermal paste evenly. Also don’t screw down each screw tightly the first time; screw them in place lightly, then after they’re all held down, go around tightening them.

Tip 32: A matching four pin CPU fan with a four pin fan plug is a match made in heaven. However, you need not worry if they aren’t identical. A four pin and a three pin fan and fan plug will work just as well.

Tip 33: Some cooler posts are notoriously stubborn and you will need to push harder than will seem safe to force them into place

Tip 34: Installing a low noise adapter to throttle or reduce the sound your cooler makes can cause the fan to alternate between fast and slow cycling which is not ideal in any case. Use only if absolutely necessary

Tip 35: Want a checkup for your newly assembled PC? Get SpeedFan, a piece of software made for checking the heat buildup in different points inside the case comes in handy for checking the hardware health of your new PC.

Tip 36: Given the choice, always opt for a larger, quieter fan instead of a smaller, noisier one.

Tip 37: Keep the dust bunnies at bay, fit your cooler with premade, washable filters.

Tip 38: A firm fan is a quiet fan. Use an anti vibration washer to mount your cooler and keep your screws from rattling for smoother, quieter running.

Tip 39: Examine your fan’s airflow scheme to enable a better location setting that ensures maximum cooling throughout the case.

Tip 40: Spread out your graphics and sound cards to reduce radio frequency interference from the audio signal and keep the graphics card well cooled.

Tip 41: Molex connectors will require a shockingly large amount of force to insert or remove so don’t shy away from giving it a handful.

Tip 42: Make your unused bays useful- stash away cables for more room and neatness. Also look for hidden nooks and crannies to be utilized for the same purpose.

Tip 43: Be careful of sharp corners and jagged edges when routing cables from under your motherboard.

Tip 44: Molex power leads that come with only two wires are only good enough for fan use

Tip 45: Use rounded IDE cables instead of clunky, flat drive cables.

Tip 46: When restraining cables, rubber bands and adhesive tape are a big no. The inside of a PC tends to get hot, and rubber doesn’t fare well in heat. Also adhesives tend to lose their stickiness and leave a sticky residue for you to clean up. Go instead for cable ties and plastic twists and Velcro.

Tip 47: Front panel audio jacks can be tricky as some motherboards may not support the same audio standard. Make sure they have the same standard, or go for a motherboard that supports double standards.

Tip 48: Cover up any unused open Molex connectors to avoid any unforeseeable crisis.

Tip 49: Double check pin matchups for USB and FireWire ports and never attach one to the other.

Tip 50: A 24 pin plug and a 20 pin motherboard will get along just fine. Just leave the extra pins hanging. However, the reverse is not always true.

Tip 51: Make use of your extra SATA leads with SATA-to-Molex converters to maximize performance

Tip 52: It is advisable to use direct power supply connectors for your graphics cards

Tip 53: Just because a power connector looks like a PCle one, doesn’t mean it is going to work the same way. Check for the right number of pins and socket line up.

Tip 54: Ensure your power supply’s switch and plug gets enough room to wiggle out the case back.

Tip 55: When connecting the motherboard to the power supply, don’t forget to connect the four or eight pin supplemental connector to power up the CPU.

Tip 56: Invest in a reasonably priced power supply tester for times when troubleshooting a PC is made harder if you can’t determine whether the problem lies with the power supply.

Tip 57: Install the power supply to the motherboard with the case lying on its side, or better yet, beforehand.

Tip 58: Leave room to breathe between hard drives. Empty out one of more bays between drives for better airflow around the heat prone drives.

Tip 59: To maximize cooling around hard drives, position them in bays at the top or bottom edge of the fan, not in the center.

Tip 60: Plug the boot drive into the lowest numbered SATA port, and use your SATA ports in order.

Tip 61: SATA drives are better than IDE models, as they use thinner data cables which leave more room to breathe and provides for better cooling.

Tip 62: Recent motherboards tend to have only one IDE port, so if you’re using more than one IDE drives, put hard drives and optical drives on different IDE channels.

Tip 63: For the tight spots, buy aftermarket SATA cables that come with 90 degree bends at one or both ends.

Tip 64: Looking to stay out of trouble? Test fit your optical drives before screwing it in.

Tip 65: If you want to install a floppy drive, which is uncommon, use the twisted ribbon cable to signify the drive end.

Tip 66: If you’re using two IDE drives on the same cable, you can either set both drives to Cable Select, or you can set one as Master and one as Slave. Remember, both can’t be set to Master or Slave.

Tip 67: Don’t go looking for a mess, use a new IDE cable.

Tip 68: The second graphics card is sometimes electrically wired only for x4 or x8 bandwidth, even with an x16 physical interface. Read the fine print on your motherboard.

Tip 69: Little known fact, some PCIe slots will support several types of PCIe cards.

Tip 70: A pair of graphic cards in CrossFireX or SLI arrangement needs to be physically connected to one another.

Tip 71: If you need to let out an internal cable from the case, a bent PCI-slot cover is the answer.

Tip 72: A PCIe card can be removed from its slot using a hidden lever at the far end of the slot.

Tip 73: Match the notch in the RAM and the bar in the slot by pushing down the levers on both sides of the motherboard chip slots.

Tip 74: Use the RAM in matched pairs and insert in “paired” slots for a faster performance.

Tip 75: RAM slots are designated with letter or number. Make sure to use the lowest number or letter first.

Top 5 Tech Stories from Today

Intel to touch-first early adopters: No Windows 10 for you!
Not only did we get screwed-over for having the audacity to believe in that early Windows/Intel multitouch PC vision, we now get to watch as much older systems get upgraded to, and fully supported by Windows 10 — again, ostensibly because their …
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Intel's Unlocked Skylake-K Processors To Launch For Enthusiast Laptops – MSI
Intel has confirmed that they will be launching their unlocked Skylake-K series processors for laptops later this year. While talking to Hexus at IDF15, Intel's Kirk Skaugen, Senior Vice President & General Manager of the Intel PC Client Group …
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iPhone 6s rumor roundup: fake Rose Gold image, Germany reservations, Intel
Another day, another series of iPhone rumors. Yesterday's roundup included the latest information about a September 18th next-generation iPhone launch date, faked benchmarks, and new system-on-a-chip schematics, and today our roundup covers a likely …
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Intel Adds HPC Specialty to Technology Partner Program
Last week Intel announced a new certification specialty designation for partners targeting high-performance computing. The HPC Data Center Specialty designation is the latest in a line of vertical market partner designations rolled out by Intel in …
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Intel, Fuhu team up to bring child safety tech to market
Intel partnered Fuhu, an innovator of high-tech consumer products for children and families, to help prevent tragic accidents involving toddlers with the Intel Smart Clip device and IoT technology. The Intel Smart Clip uses built-in Bluetooth sensors …
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